You may feel very familiar when this Speedometer / Tachometer unit comes into your sight,   


there's no doubt, it's really exsisting on lots of devices, like : VDO cockpit  , Jcb tractor,  Kenworth trucks as well as Volvo penta boats.




when there's a request asking for repairing such unit, you may find that there's a certain failure rate which happens on its inside lcd screen.

under such case, you may think to change the whole unit by an new one, here we introduce with a better solution, we repair it by only replacing an small lcd display, 


       ( look and guess how much you will spend  for getting this small lcd ? )

Let's have a view here :


Yes, it's self-developped by Sacer Ltd with OE looks and better installation,  it is sold to worldwide, no worries if you're a car owner , car  garage, or car parts trader, 

all are welcome to send an inquiry or place an order directly,  we process it  in 24h and promise you a 2-year warranty.