It's common to see a Fiat 500 car on the road in Europe, under a certain lifespan, there be also a very common failure occur on its instrument cluster,

it might be the problem of the pointer motor, the mini bulbs, as well as the circuit board, but the most easily defective one should be the LCD display.

what we're introducing now is just this Fiat 500 instrument cluster LCD display for year 2008-2011 :

If you're a car repairer, or car spare parts trader, you may have a knowlegde already about it, there're many different part numbers existing on this Fiat 500 lcd display, 


COG VLIT 1592-02

COG VLIT 1592-03

COG VLIT 1317-03

COG VLIT 1317-07

COG VLIT 1229A-01

COG-VLIT 1228A-01

COG-VLIT 1229B-01


among the list, number COG VLIT 1592-02 should be most popular one, if you have ever had a request on this type of lcd failure,

here would be a very good choice for you to get a replacement by a cheap solution: