The original stepper motors installed from the factory had an internal material/design flaw that caused short service life and have since been redesigned several times to increase lifespan and reduce noise.

Stepper motors are soldered into place directly onto the circuit board.  Replacement requires de-soldering of the faulty stepper motors for removal and soldering in of the new X27.168 replacement steppers.  Experience in electronics de-soldering and soldering is highly suggested if you attempt this repair as damage to the circuit board is common with at home repairs.

SA1048 Stepper Motor For Opel Micro Switec Instrument Cluster or Dashboard. This replacement will work to repair car stepper motor problems such as: sticky needle movement, jumpy readings, dead gauges, gauges that ratchet up or down, gauges pegged out to the left or right of the dial and more.

Product specifications as below:

  • For Opel Micro Switec instrument cluster or dashboard use.
  • Metal shaft, Soldering needed.
  • 168 is fully replaceable updated version for X25.168.
  • 100% Brand New product and tested prior to leaving the factory.