Turbo Actuator

REA/SREA Electronic Actuators

The REA (Rotary Electronic Actuator) and SREA (Simple Rotary Electronic Actuator) fitted to many VNT® turbos are complex, highly intricate controllers of the variable vane movement. To ensure accuracy, each electronic actuator is carefully calibrated with the engine in order to achieve exactly the required turbo vane movement. This ensures that the correct power, torque, emissions and fuel economy targets are achieved, not only when the vehicle is new, but also over the life-cycle of the engine and vehicle components.

Sacer offers a completely new aftermarket Turbo Actuator Gearbox CALIBRATED and FULLY assembled aluminum housing with motor, REA/SREA Actuator Gearbox, REA/SREA Wastegate Actuator Kits and E-Actuator Calibrating Tool.

UTA Electronic Actuators

The Universal Turbo Actuator is mostly used for VNT /VTG (Variable Nozzle Turbine /Variable Turbine Geometry) turbocharger technology, carrying out reliable and precise positions.

Especially the insensitivity to magnetic fields and the high level of temperature stability are the characteristic qualities of the CIPOS technology employed in the UTA. Angles are measured inductively using a contact-free and wear-free method, thus guaranteeing high quality measuring precision over the entire service life.

Holset VGT Actuators

SACER SA1150 Series Smart Electronic Actuators are typically used for Holset VGT turbo (vane, applications, such as medium duty and heavy duty diesel engines to help provide optimum performance and enable compliance with current and future exhaust emissions standards.
For turbo application: Cummins Holset VGT turbocharger.
For Holset turbo models: HE400VG, HE451VE,HE500VG, HE561VE and so on.

SACER Smart Electrical actuator can reach a desired and Accurate POSTION in a flash, ensure lower emissions, less pollution and better fuel economy, because the entire process is carried out according to ISO9001 / IATF16949.

Other Turbo Actuators

Sacer also offers other Turbo Actuators and Reman Kits, such as MHI Mitsubishi Turbo Actuator, We are developing more Turbo Actuators, if you are interested, please contact us.