SA1150-12V1-2840930-B400.17 HE400-HE500 turbo actuator for DAF Paccar MX-13 EPA10 Engine


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SACER SA1150 Smart Electronic Actuators are typically used for VGT turbo (vane, applications, such as medium duty and heavy duty diesel engines to help provide optimum performance and enable compliance with current and future exhaust emissions standards.

  1. SACER Smart Electronic Actuator from Sacer ensures the best possible interaction between the combustion engine and turbocharger, especially in Medium duty and heavy duty Diesel engines for VGT turbo.
  2. SACER Smart Electrical actuator can reach a desired and Accurate POSTION in a flash, ensure lower emissions, less pollution and better fuel economy, because the entire process is carried out according to ISO9001 / IATF16949.
  3. SACER Smart Electrical actuator also allow for maximum flexibility in HDV applications as a result of a generous adjustment angle of up to 120℃ and application temperature range of -40℃ -125℃ as standard.

SA1150-28 Turbo Actuator

Turbo Actuator part number:

P-2840930, P-5322874

Turbocharger Model:


OE number:

1975830 1856274 1975830PEX 1856274PEX 1975830PRX

For Vehicle Engine:

DAF Paccar MX-13 EPA10


2 years warranty. 100% of qualified testing and checking before shipping.