Sacer SA1150 Holset HE400-500VG Turbocharger Electric Actuator Kit 4034135 3787657 Fit For Scania DC1305 / 400 HP - XPI - EURO 5


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SA1150-2 Turbo Actuator

SACER SA1150 Smart Electronic Actuators are typically used for Holset VGT turbo (vane, applications, such as medium duty and heavy duty diesel engines to help provide optimum performance and enable compliance with current and future exhaust emissions standards.

Turbo Actuator OEM Number:


Turbo Actuator part number:


Holset Turbocharger Model:


Turbocharger Part Number:

4031037H, 3787499, 2191616

For Vehicle Make:


For Car Model:

Scania  DC1305/ DLC6 EURO5/6

DLC6 Scania 2008-> P,G,R,T - series G 400, P 400, R 400 294KW DC 13.05, DC 13.113


2 years warranty. 100% of qualified testing and checking before shipping.


For easy identification,Sacer uses numbers to identify water inlets(1,2,3) and outlets(4,5,6,7,),picture below


P-3787657 actuator water in-out lets:


*We highly recommend that a professional install the actuator that has the scan tool/diagnostic equipment necessary to properly pre-align and install the actuator to the turbocharger.

*If you are unable to identify your turbocharger Actuator manufacturer or find your turbocharger Actuator part number then please don't hesitate to contact a member of staff at Sacer Ltd, we will help you to in the quest to identify your turbo actuator.

*It would be better if you offer us a picture like this.