Let's explore the world of new energy vehicles and their vulnerable parts, backed by data-driven insights. Discover the rising trend of aftermarket remanufacturing, paving the way for a greener future together!

New Energy Vehicle Part Remanufactured

Battery Breakdown: The heart of EVs! On average, lithium-ion batteries last 8-15 years, but factors like temperature fluctuations and charging habits affect their lifespan. Remanufacturing batteries can extend their usage and reduce environmental impact.


Drive System Delicacy: Electric drivetrains are robust, yet sensitive. Electric motors can last up to 20 years, but improper maintenance or extreme usage might reduce longevity. Remanufacturing drive systems ensures smooth rides for years to come!


Charging Port Challenges: Charging ports withstand daily wear. Proper care can make them last 5-10 years, but accidents or corrosion may cut that short. Rejuvenating charging ports ensures seamless charging experiences.


Electronic Brain Reliability: ECUs power EV intelligence! Expected to work for over a decade, but electrical stress or software glitches can lead to early failure. Remanufacturing ECUs guarantees smart and efficient driving!

PTC Heater Performance: Heating the eco-way! PTC heaters are crucial for EV cabin comfort. With proper maintenance, they can last 8-12 years. Failure may result from electrical faults or overheating. Remanufacturing PTC heaters guarantees cozy rides during colder days.


Brakes and Safety: Electric vehicles boast regenerative braking, prolonging brake life. However, brake pads may require replacement every 50,000-70,000 miles. Re-manufacturing brake systems assures secure stops and eco-friendly travel.


Air Conditioning Compressor Efficiency: Keeping it cool in electric cars! AC compressors typically last around 10-15 years. Damage can occur due to refrigerant leaks, electrical issues, or wear and tear. Remanufacturing ensures optimal cooling performance.

New Energy Vehicle Part Remanufactured

Data-Driven Trends: With a surge in new energy vehicles, aftermarket remanufacturing is witnessing exponential growth. Studies show a rising demand for refurbished EV parts, saving money and reducing environmental impact.


Your Future with Us: SACER have high hopes for the future market of these vulnerable parts! Our company is already providing exceptional remanufacturing services for BYD Air Conditioning Compressors and BMW ECUs. We invite you to collaborate with us in developing more new energy vehicle remanufacturing projects for a sustainable tomorrow!

New Energy Vehicle Part Remanufactured