priciest components

Recent research conducted by the electronic car parts remanufacturer has revealed the most expensive car components to be replaced in 2024, with the engine taking the lead - acting as the car's vital organ.


Analyzing the average replacement costs for new car parts across the UK's top five frequently driven models – Vauxhall Astra, Volkswagen Golf, Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Focus, and Ford Fiesta – the study identified the most expensive replacements.


1.Engine Replacement: Topping the chart with an average cost of £2,685, the engine is a significant investment due to its critical role in a car's functionality.


2.Gearbox Replacement: Following closely, the gearbox claims the second spot with an average cost of around £1,072.


3.Airbags: In the third position, airbags have an average replacement cost of £1,045.99.


4.Engine Control Unit (ECU): Occupying the fourth spot, the ECU averages £932.51. The ECU's intricate design and advanced technology contribute to its higher cost.


5.Sat Nav/Stereo System: Ranked fifth, the sat nav/stereo system replacement costs around £639.10 on average.


The study further reveals additional components within the top 10:


1.Catalytic Converter: With an average replacement cost of £351.67, it secures the sixth position.


2.Radiator Replacement: In seventh place, the radiator averages around £344.80 for replacement.


3.Fuel Pump: Occupying the eighth position, the fuel pump costs approximately £322.68 to replace.


4.Shock Absorber: Securing the ninth spot, the shock absorber averages £307.40 for replacement.


5.Ignition Coil: At the bottom of the list, the ignition coil has an average replacement cost of £176.80.


These remanufacturer noted, “The rising cost of car parts is straining many budgets, sometimes exceeding the car's value. We advocate for refurbishing car parts as a viable option. Remanufactured parts are often as reliable as new ones, providing significant cost savings.”


This research emphasizes the financial burden of car repairs and encourages exploring cost-effective alternatives like remanufactured parts, which can deliver considerable savings without compromising on quality and performance.