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Today, we will recommend SA1012 LCD DISPLAY for Mercedes Benz for instrument clusteror dashboard.


It has OE IC driver, soldering is not necessary. The IC Driver is an important accessory of display, which control and decide the input/output information. so there are less FPC to control.


Check the attached picture if you need to know more information:


For the above display, It doesn’t have any issues, such as black screen and so on. Why? Because all of Sacer LCD has a strict temperature control system, which can work normally under -20℃ -70℃.

Attaching a skill to customers, please attempt the following methods to check your LCD display if you have such a problem. Please just make it as a reference only.

Good contrast Fault contrast
7 8
Why has this kind of problem? Because there are some different kind of dashboards, and on these dashboards there are different drive voltage for display.

Solution Incidental, these Bias levels might be different on certain clusters. This will result in less sharp images, or less contrast. If so, they can be slightly adjusted by soldering a resistor to a +5V, ground, or -15V(or -12V) point.

For example, if you got a LCD show contrast fault, Power on the dashboard, measure the voltage of V1 to V5. Compare to the design Bais voltage and find out which one is much different.Adjust the measured volt close to Designed BIAS Levels.

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